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SubjectRe: [Semi-OT,important] ORBS globally blocks users of these lists
In <> Florian Weimer ( wrote:
> (Khimenko Victor) writes:

>> MA> This is the wrong approach. If ORBS cannot probe me, they cannot decide
>> MA> if I am a spam relayer or not.
>> ORBS has simple and consistent policy "be probed or be listed". Read the FAQ,
>> pleeease.

> Their policy is more like `do anything, and you'll be listed'.

If by "anything" you mean "try to stop probing" then yes :-)

> They actively scan for relays, but do not admit that (I don't know
> if this has changed in the past).

It was idea behind ORBS from the very beginning AFAIK.

> They list hosts which never have relayed any piece of U[BC]E mail.

They list hosts which CAN BE used as relay (or can not be probed).

> They list hosts which aren't an open relay by themselves.

Only if owners are asking about this. Directly (filling ORBS form) or
indirectly (blocking ORBS probes).

> They give you a few days (3? 5?) to close a few dozens relays of your
> customers until they blacklist the your smarthost, effectively disrupting
> your mail service, despite the fact that these machines never relayed any
> U[BC]E and the smarthost itself isn't an open relay.

Huh ? ORBS bot will try to send few mail messages and will wait for them to
coming back. If ORBS bot can do this spammer can do this as well (ORBS bot
does not use very clever tricks - only few well-known exploits).

> In short, they are terrorists. Of course, they are fighting for a good
> cause, but their methods destroy the medium they want to save.

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