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    SubjectRe: [Semi-OT,important] ORBS globally blocks users of these lists
    On 18 Jan 2000, Florian Weimer wrote:

    > Their policy is more like `do anything, and you'll be listed'.
    > They actively scan for relays, but do not admit that (I don't know
    > if this has changed in the past). They list hosts which never
    > have relayed any piece of U[BC]E mail. They list hosts which
    > aren't an open relay by themselves. They give you a few days (3?
    > 5?) to close a few dozens relays of your customers until they
    > blacklist the your smarthost, effectively disrupting your mail
    > service, despite the fact that these machines never relayed any
    > U[BC]E and the smarthost itself isn't an open relay.

    You're confusing ORBS with dorkslayers/IMRSS. (before the rename to IMRSS) used
    to call their list ORBS too...

    The Internet is not a network of computers. It is a network
    of people. That is its real strength.

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