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SubjectRe: FS idea

> > I wrote userfs specifically as a research tool to see what was possible. I
> > knew at the time that NFS was a candidate, but I didn't want to be bound into
> > being compatible with anything.
> >
> > NFS's stateless model makes some things harder to do, but for most things it
> > should be pretty reasonable. Performance won't be too good, but userfs was no
> > champ in that area...
> I had submitted some patches to 2.0.3x a couple months ago to allow
> mounting an NFS server on a non-standard port, so I could add my own
> filesystems using NFS, without interfering with the NFS server running
> on the machine.

Which filesystems did you add, BTW? I'm currenly trying with Olaf
Kirch about making adding filesystems to nfsd much more easier...

Could you please mail me that patch? I might be able to port it to
2.1.X... What modifications were needed to nfs server?

> Alan rejected the patches because 2.0.3x is supposed to be the stable
> kernel, and desire for the patch is probably low. Does 2.1.x have
> this functionality in it? It would be very useful to me.

Could you please mail me that patch? I'd certainly like it, too.


I'm really Pavel
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