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    SubjectRe: FS idea
    David Feuer writes:
    > Please no flames. This is probably ridiculus, but I like it.
    > <asbestos suit>
    > I think it would be nice to add in a kernel feature to allow the kernel
    > to interface with userspace programs to provide fs support for certain
    > filesystems. There are three kinds of filesystems that (in my opinion)
    > this would be really nice for.
    > 1) Uncommon FS's that are not common enough to deserve kernel support
    > 2) compressed or encrypted filesystems
    > 3) fake filesystems. Things like tarfiles used as filesystems, punched
    > card machines used as filesystems ;), and other things like that
    > The kind of hook I'm looking for would probably fit best in the loopback
    > driver, in my opinion.
    > </asbestos suit>

    This is called userfs and someone has already done it. As usual, it's
    not in the kernel :-(
    For some things (non performance critical filesystems), userfs would
    be quite good.



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