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    SubjectRe: FS idea
    Jeremy Fitzhardinge <> writes:

    > I wrote userfs specifically as a research tool to see what was possible. I
    > knew at the time that NFS was a candidate, but I didn't want to be bound into
    > being compatible with anything.
    > NFS's stateless model makes some things harder to do, but for most things it
    > should be pretty reasonable. Performance won't be too good, but userfs was no
    > champ in that area...

    I had submitted some patches to 2.0.3x a couple months ago to allow
    mounting an NFS server on a non-standard port, so I could add my own
    filesystems using NFS, without interfering with the NFS server running
    on the machine.

    Alan rejected the patches because 2.0.3x is supposed to be the stable
    kernel, and desire for the patch is probably low. Does 2.1.x have
    this functionality in it? It would be very useful to me.

    Joe Buehler

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