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SubjectRe: [RFC v2 00/34] SLUB: reduce irq disabled scope and make it RT compatible
On 6/9/21 1:38 PM, Vlastimil Babka wrote:
> Changes since RFC v1 [1]:
> * Addressed feedback from Christoph and Mel, added their acks.
> * Finished RT conversion, including adopting 2 patches from the RT tree.
> * The optional local_lock conversion has to sacrifice lockless fathpaths on RT
> * Added some more cleanup patches to the front.
> This series was initially inspired by Mel's pcplist local_lock rewrite, and
> also by interest to better understand SLUB's locking and the new locking
> primitives and their RT variants and implications. It should make SLUB more
> preemption-friendly and fully RT compatible, hopefully without noticeable
> regressions on !RT kernels, as the fast paths are not affected there.
> Series is based on 5.13-rc5 and also available as a git branch:

Pushed a new revision branch:

which fixes a bug in
[RFC v2 33/34] mm, slub: use migrate_disable() on PREEMPT_RT
that was reported by Mel

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