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Subject[PATCH v13 00/13] Ingenic Timer/Counter Unit patchset v13

This is the version 13 of my patchset to support the Timer/Counter Unit
(TCU) present in JZ47xx SoCs from Ingenic.


Patch [03/13]:
- Revert back to v11. Turns out it was okay.
- Remove 'interrupt-parent' of the list of required properties.

Patch [05/13]:
- Don't enable/disable the TCU clock on demand. Enable it in the probe
and call it a day.
- Register suspend callbacks to gate/ungate the TCU clock on
- Use pr_fmt and pr_crit instead of custom TCU_ERR() macro
- Remove useless dependency on COMMON_CLK in Kconfig
- Remove registration of clkdev

All the other patches have not been modified.
The patchset was rebased on 5.2-rc6.


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