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SubjectRe: OpenRISC Architecture: Request for review
On 06/19/2011 04:43 AM, Jonas Bonn wrote:
> Notes
> -----
> See the file README.openrisc for information on getting a toolchain and
> simulator for building and running this code.
> We currently have only a uClibc port to this architecture and this does
> not fully support the reduced set of generic syscalls. In our upstream
> submission we have included only the reduced set of syscalls, while we
> will be carrying an out-of-tree patch that enables Linux to work with our
> uClibc port until we are able to sort this out. This shouldn't, however,
> need to further delay beginning the code review.
> There's a short TODO.openrisc file, as well. Some of the items listed
> there could potentially be done before any pull request for the architecture
> is sent.
> There are also fair number of places where we still have old test code
> laying about inside #ifdefs and comments. The intention is to get all that
> cleaned up before the final pull request, but I didn't want to allow that
> to delay beginning the review process any further.

Do you also have any ready-made ports for any common FPGA boards that
one can test it out on hardware with?


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