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SubjectRe: OpenRISC Architecture: Request for review
>> Do you also have any ready-made ports for any common FPGA boards that
>> one can test it out on hardware with?

Hi, thanks for the interest.

At present, there's two main projects that have OpenRISC-based system
builds for FPGA boards.

These builds typically contain, at least, the processor core, debug
interface, memory controller and a UART. That should be enough to get
you going. In terms of hardware, in addition to the board, you will
need a debug cable, allowing you to control the processor and access
the memory from gdb.

ORPSoC, or the OpenRISC Reference Platform System-on-Chip, is one
project with ready-to-go builds. It currently supports a few boards,
two Xilinx and one Actel. You can find details about them at the
ORPSoC page:

MinSoC is another project on OpenCores that supports more boards, but
isn't something I've used myself. It looks well maintained, though.,minsoc

Their wiki is at:

I believe MinSoC might have better step-by-step instructions for
getting going on the board.

The ORPSoC maintainers, though, are usually very easy to get hold of in IRC.

Hope that's useful.


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