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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [23/31] HWPOISON: add memory cgroup filter
* Andi Kleen <> [2009-12-10 02:42:12]:

> > While the functionality sounds useful, the interface (passing an inode
> > number) feels a bit ugly to me. Also, if that group is deleted and a
> > new cgroup created, you could end up reusing the inode number.
> Please note this is just a testing interface, doesn't need to be
> 100% fool-proof. It'll never be used in production.
> >
> > How about an approach where you write either the cgroup path (relative
> > to the memcg mount) or an fd open on the desired cgroup? Then you
> > could store a (counted) css reference rather than an inode number,
> > which would make the filter function cleaner too, since it would just
> > need to compare css objects.
> Sounds complicated, I assume it would be much more code?
> I would prefer to keep the testing interfaces as simple as possible.

We do this for cgroupstats and the code is not very complicated. In
case you want to look, the user space code is at
Documentation/accounting/getdelays.c and the kernel code is in


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