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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [23/31] HWPOISON: add memory cgroup filter
> While the functionality sounds useful, the interface (passing an inode
> number) feels a bit ugly to me. Also, if that group is deleted and a
> new cgroup created, you could end up reusing the inode number.

Please note this is just a testing interface, doesn't need to be
100% fool-proof. It'll never be used in production.

> How about an approach where you write either the cgroup path (relative
> to the memcg mount) or an fd open on the desired cgroup? Then you
> could store a (counted) css reference rather than an inode number,
> which would make the filter function cleaner too, since it would just
> need to compare css objects.

Sounds complicated, I assume it would be much more code?
I would prefer to keep the testing interfaces as simple as possible.

-- -- Speaking for myself only.

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