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Subject[PATCH] [0/31] HWPOISON 2.6.33 pre-merge posting

These are the hwpoison updates for 2.6.33
I plan to send the following patchkit to Linus in a few days.
Any additional review would be appreciated.

Major new features:
- Be more aggressive at flushing caches to get access to a page
- Various fixes for the core memory_failure path
- Handle free memory better by detecting higher-order buddy pages
reliably too.
- Reliable return value for memory_failure. This allows to implement
some other functionality later on.
- New soft offlining feature:
Offline a page without killing a process.
This allows to implement predictive failure analysis for memory, by
watching error trends per page and offlining a page that has too many
corrected errors. The policy is all in user space; the kernel just
offlines the page and reports the errors.
The current git mcelog has support for using this interface.
- Provide a new sysfs interface for both hard and soft offlining.
The existing debugfs interface is still there.
- unpoison support
Unpoison a page. This is mainly for testing, it does not do unpoisioning
on the hardware level.
- hwpoison filter
Various filters to the hwpoison PFN error injection, including
memcg, page type, block device and others.
This is used by the mce-test stress suite to protect the test suite itself

This touches some code outside hwpoison, mostly for the memcg support
and for the page types. All these changes are straight-forward,
are in linux-next and have been posted before.


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