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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/10] AXFS: Advanced XIP filesystem
Jared, nice work!

I've also read your paper from the linux symposium

A few questions:
- how does this benchmark compared to cramfs and squashfs in a NAND-only system
(or is it just not a good plan to use this with NAND-only (of course
I won't get XIP with NAND, I understand that)
- would axfs be suitable as a filesystem on a ram disk?

Background for the last question is that if you do not have the memory
to retain all pages uncompressed (as you would with ramfs), this could
be a nice intermediate format.
Furthermore compared to ramfs, a filesystem on a ramdisk does not need
the initialisation during startup (decompressing the cpio file,
creating the files, copying the data), so when it comes to boot times
a filesystem on a ramdisk (e.g. axfs) could be a better choice.

Appreciate your feedback.


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