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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/10] AXFS: Advanced XIP filesystem
Jared Hulbert wrote:
> The biggest improvement is in the way AXFS allows for each page to be XIP or
> not. First, a user collects information about which pages are accessed on a
> compressed image for each mmap()ed region from /proc/axfs/volume0. That
> 'profile' is used as an input to the image builder. The resulting image has
> only the relevant pages uncompressed and XIP. The result is smaller memory
> sizes and faster launches.

Sounds great, really nice idea.

How does it fare with no MMU? Can the profiler and image builder lay
out the XIP pages in such a way that no-MMU mmaps can map those regions?

No complaint if not, it would be a nice bonus though.

-- Jamie

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