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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/10] AXFS: Advanced XIP filesystem
> Jared, nice work!


> A few questions:

I meant to address these before. Sorry.

> - how does this benchmark compared to cramfs and squashfs in a NAND-only system
> (or is it just not a good plan to use this with NAND-only (of course
> I won't get XIP with NAND, I understand that)

I don't know, I'm interested to find out. I just benchmarked that.
Actually it should work very well as a NAND-only fs. Also you do get
something like XIP with NAND. If you boot an XIP AXFS image on NAND
or a blkdev it will copy that XIP region into RAM and "XIP" it from
there. I think this will make it very good for LiveCD's. Though we
just (minutes ago) realized our testing of that feature was flawed, so
no guarantees.

> - would axfs be suitable as a filesystem on a ram disk?

It could be. I plan on implementing support for brd. That might work nicely.

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