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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/10] AXFS: Advanced XIP filesystem
On Thu, 21 Aug 2008, Leon Woestenberg wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 4:19 PM, Jared Hulbert <> wrote:
> >> FWIW, I'm not sure it's a good idea to name this new filesystem AXFS.
> >> People are almost certainly going to confuse it with XFS despite
> >
> People that care about their filesystem choice know their choices.
> People that don't
> care, well they don't care.
> Maybe AXIPFS would be the close alternative.

It seems to be useful for non-XIP, too...

> One question on the use-case profiling and subsequent image rebuild:
> What if the use-case did not cover all cases of XIP use?
> If a compressed page is attempted to be executed, will the filesystem
> fall back to decompression to RAM and execution from RAM, or will this
> result in a faulty system?
> The design choices look real good. Congrats on the achievement.

You probably want to read the paper at

BTW, I regret now not having attended the OLS presentation, because there was
so much emphasis on `XIP' in the description :-)

Fortunately it's been recorded:

so I'm gonna watch it right now...

With kind regards,

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