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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/35] cpumask: Replace cpumask_t with struct cpumask

* Mike Travis <> wrote:

> [Resubmit: cleanup and rebase on latest tip/master.]
> Redesign cpumask API to explicitly declare struct cpumask pointers to
> the cpumask_* operators and add functions to make it easier to support
> struct cpumask pointers on the stack.
> This patchset supplies the infrastructure going forward to implement
> this new struct cpumask API. Many more patches (currently 58) have
> been written and tested to verify the functionality of this API.
> These will be submitted as soon as they are thoroughly tested.
> Compiled and tested on x86_64.
> Based on tip/master @ v2.6.27-6973-ga90cd11

okay, i've picked up these patches into tip/cpus4096-v2 and started
testing them.

I fixed the From: line oddities - please holler if they are wrong
anywhere, we can still rebase this.

Note, i've merged this to _after_ the huge arch/x86/include/asm/ headers
move which we sent a pull request for earlier today - this will simplify

( I also fixed up a handful of obvious style problems in various places
- please be more careful about comment structure, whitespaces, etc. -
they just distract from general review and hurt the merits of your
patches. )

I also added "Impact:" lines to every commit - a one-line summary of the
expected outcome of the change. (Please double-check those impact lines
- if you see anything odd it means that i missed some detail in the
commit - that will need to be fixed if it happens.)

I've just completed the first basic step of testing: i did 68 kernel
builds to test bisectability: all 34 commit point builds fine on both
64-bit and 32-bit as well. (This took some time as almost every commit
touches cpumask.h, forcing a full kernel rebuild.)


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