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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/35] cpumask: Replace cpumask_t with struct cpumask

* Rusty Russell <> wrote:

> On Thursday 23 October 2008 23:03:22 Ingo Molnar wrote:
> > I also added "Impact:" lines to every commit - a one-line summary of the
> > expected outcome of the change. (Please double-check those impact lines
> > - if you see anything odd it means that i missed some detail in the
> > commit - that will need to be fixed if it happens.)
> Note that "removed" and "deprecated" are using the terms loosely.
> No old API was removed, and I didn't actually mark anything
> __deprecated (I just documented it in the header).


> Here are my revisions:
> f1ad2eefc7644467a5b8bec38b540f40260f0f03:
> cpumask: cpu_all_mask and cpu_none_mask
> -Impact: introduce new constants, convert old usage to them
> +Impact: introduce new constants, convert core files.
> 88e316949934e187e4f131d99bf156413632e56b
> cpumask: deprecate any_online_cpu() in favour of cpumask_any/cpumask_any_and
> -Impact: cleanup
> +Impact: new API, deprecate old
> 4d57c437e6d239f46a881fdb04a57fb2664bfc97
> cpumask: cpumask_first/cpumask_next
> -Impact: remove old API, convert all users to new API
> +Impact: new API, deprecate old
> (We convert one place only)
> dfa1385db10e1b1d5a1687f0184d9c11735192aa
> cpumask: for_each_cpu(): for_each_cpu_mask which takes a pointer
> -Impact: remove old API, convert all users to new API
> +Impact: remove old API, convert core trivial users
> a55659d4f58eaacde2681298d003bbeeafb16436
> cpumask: cpumask_of(): cpumask_of_cpu() which returns a pointer
> -Impact: cleanup
> +Impact: new API, deprecate old API.

i've propagated these impact-line fixes into tip/cpus4096-v2, thanks

And once we have something that works reasonably well we can do a
final respin of this branch with all fixlets back-propagated, for good

the current variant, which force-disabled MAXSMP (i.e. only uses the
non-dynamic cpumask_t branch), is looking good in my testing so far.
(it has passed more than 100 boot tests today, on a handful of x86


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