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SubjectRe: GPL weasels and the atheros stink
> hidden agendas.


> Look at the situation: Reyk Floeter writes some code, puts it
> under a dual licence, and goes on vacation.
> While he's away, some other people (Jiri, for starters) tweak the


> The only possible issue is related to paranoia:
> the GPL shrine, and
> the cuddly BSD people...
> the Evil Empire of Microsoft,
> or SCO, or whoever is the villain of the month.


> downright illegal in most places).

<shiver> BSD code stealing and anal sex, finally in the same category.

> Linux is so proud of its numerous drivers...
> some people can't bear the fact that sometimes, some interesting
> development happens outside of linux first

Linux have small penis. OpenBSD have very large penis. We jealous. No
time for engineering, while staring at OpenBSD large penis.

> RMS paranoia

He scares us!

> this `interesting GPLv3) ?

Our hidden agenda revealed at last! Curse you!

> rabid linux zealots are all but intent on stealing his code

> Nice going, GPL fan-boys...

You forgot to blame George W. Bush for it all.


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