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SubjectRe: GPL weasels and the atheros stink
On Sep 02, 2007, at 10:03:07, Marc Espie wrote:
> Do you really think he's going to keep his work under a dual-
> licence, seeing
> how a bunch of rabid linux zealots are all but intent on stealing
> his code
> whenever they can.


Oh god, not another Linux/*BSD month-long flamewar chewing up more
developer resources than Microsoft has ever had. Please nobody else
reply to such flamebait and let's get on to productive code
development. If you think it really matters to you, then please do
the following in order:
1) Come back in a week. License issues can be easily resolved
even months later. Look at the SCO case, for example, they didn't
have a legal peg-leg to stand on and they've been churning through
the legal system for years.
2) Reread all of the posts in the other threads (either through
the archives or whatever). In particular look at Adrian Bunk's
emails, he seems to have a pretty sane grasp on the subject.
3) When you want to reply USE THE SAME THREAD!!! Most of the
people on this list don't really give a damn about legal crap, we
just want to write code or have interesting technical discussions.
By using the same thread we only have one button to click to hide it
4) Refrain from rhetoric and name-calling, it's unproductive and

That said, Marc Espie seems to be all set to blast the first person
who isn't frothing at the mouth in support of BSD, so... Plonk!

Kyle Moffett

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