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SubjectRe: GPL weasels and the atheros stink
> as git, this is no longer as cumbersome as this used to be. So, instead
> of new gcc code sent to the FSF (and given to the FSF), we could explicitly
> keep patches under the ISC licence, and explain loudly why this is so.

I think you need to learn about derivative works. That aside I'm not
aware the FSF has any particular part or stated opinion in this particular
matter. Linus isn't exactly known for being a Stallman fan and Linux
despite Mr Stallmans perpetual attempt to stick "GNU/" on the front of
it, is not and has never been an FSF project.

> Heck, if Reyk Floeter is not totally disgusted with all this when he comes
> back from vacation, what licence do you think he's going to use for his
> next driver ?

I guess he'll have to write a new BSD2 licence. I'm suprised to hear he
is on vacation. I assumed the OpenBSD developers would have consulted him
before speaking for him ?

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