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SubjectRe: Is it time for remove (crap) ALSA from kernel tree ?
On Mon, 25 Jun 2007, Takashi Iwai wrote:
>> Any plans for doing this ?
> Did you count the number of devices that tree supports?

What is harder ? Bring ALSA API to the same level of functionalities as
OSS provides or port (FOSS) ALSA device drivers to OSS ?

> You'll loose the support of all new laptops and mobos sold in the last
> year :)

You are loosing point lack of will ALSA developers to make this useable,
and well documented. OSS it is stabkle API specyfication with good
reputation. ALSA still is in development stage.

> Honestly, I'm not fully against changing the current code base (or
> crap, whatever, any childish name). There are indeed many misdesigns.
> But, replacing with the above is no option, IMO. The OSS have also
> many misdesigns, so the same argument would start again. One should
> learn something from history...

OSS is at all misdesigned ? or in some points ? if partialy it was bad (in
time start work on ALSA) why was not improved ?
For me it looks like ALSA developers don't know "don't move - improve"

PS. /me still waiting for simple yes or no answer on my qustion from
responsible people.
For example: if Hannu or other OSS developer will bring some patches it
will be integrated or not in main tree ?
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