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SubjectRe: Is it time for remove (crap) ALSA from kernel tree ?
On Sun, 24 Jun 2007, Alan Cox wrote:
> Years ago Linux dumped OSS for ALSA because ALSA offered far better
> functionality and support. Why would we go back to the stone age ?
> Its something useful to various other platforms with basically no
> hardware support but Linux has ALSA and very good hardware support and
> ALSA even has emulation for back compatibility with old OSS apps.
> Ten years ago it would probably have made a difference, five maybe, today
> its a release of historical code at best, and since they shipped binary
> modules for Linux more like 'getting around to complying with the
> licence' than anything else.

Sory Alan but I don't want philosophical/historical discuss.
Try to answer on question "ALSA or OSS ?" using *only* technical arguments.

Maybe it is not clear for you but now way for introduce better OSS support
for FOSS applications is completly oppened (there is no legal
contrargumets fo not using OSS).
There is no ALSA on non-Linux systems (and will not be) so all other
OSes/Unices will have better sound support than Linux (better on technical
level and also on support level because all this systems will use
common OSS) .. and it is only matter of time (when/how fast ?).
If you dont see this please stop ..

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