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Subject[patch] CFS scheduler, -v14

i'm pleased to announce release -v14 of the CFS scheduler patchset.

The CFS patch against v2.6.22-rc2, v2.6.21.1 or v2.6.20.10 can be
downloaded from the usual place:

In -v14 the biggest user-visible change is increased sleeper fairness
(done by Mike Galbraith and myself), which results in better
interactivity under load. In particular 3D apps such as compiz/Beryl or
games benefit from it and should be less sensitive to other apps running
in parallel to them - but plain X benefits from it too.

CFS is converging nicely, with no regressions reported against -v13.
Changes since -v13:

- increase sleeper-fairness (Mike Galbraith, me)

- kernel/sched_debug.c printk argument fixes for ia64 (Andrew Morton)

- CFS documentation fixes (Pranith Kumar D)

- increased the default rescheduling granularity to 3msecs on UP,
6 msecs on 2-way systems

- small update_curr() precision fix

- added an overview section to Documentation/sched-design-CFS.txt

- misc cleanups

As usual, any sort of feedback, bugreport, fix and suggestion is more
than welcome!

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