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SubjectRe: NAK new drivers without proper power management?

> > >I would disagree that it's a peripheral issue, it's pretty core these
> > >days, at least for any hardware that you can stuff in a laptop (though a
> > >fair number of desktops get suspended and resumed these days too).
> >
> > Servers are still the most important Linux market, and don't care
> > about suspend/resume. I would consider implementing suspend./resume
> > for a driver that will only be used in server or HPC class hardware a
> > waste of valuable development resources.
> Please allow me to be offensively blunt for a moment.
> So, the situation seems to be:
> 1. The work of the suspend developer who engages the users who put
> effort into making suspend work on their hardware (bless
> their addled little heads) often doesn't meet kernel standards,
> or isn't well enough documented to prove the real *need* for
> the features and/or hacks that have happened to get actual
> users' systems sleeping and running again.
> 2. The swsusp maintainer continues in the belief that as long as
> their are no bug reports in kernel bugzilla or crossing the
> (relatively obscure) swsusp mailing lists, it has zarro boogs
> and meanwhile works on the fourth implementation of suspend
> support in as many years. It's in CVS on sourceforge. There's
> no documentation whatsoever.
> 4. "Everybody" knows suspend doesn't work on Linux without a huge
> amount of tinkering, deep magic, and dead chickens. Only
> Gentoo users seem to bother; everyone else waits for Ubuntu
> 12.04 wherein suspend will "just work". The Gentoo users all
> use swsusp2, as it contains the hacks to work around:

Suspend just works in suse10.2 (and suse10.1, and suse10.0, ...)...
thanks to work seife did on pm scripts. It
is not my fault if it is broken on your distro.

> 6. Getting proper power-management support in Linux device drivers
> is not a priority; drivers without any power management support
> whatsoever should not only be accepted -- they should be merged
> without comment or complaint.
> How is working suspend support ever supposed to happen?

If people stopped sending rants and started sending patches... yep,
that would help. I don't have all the notebooks ever produced, sorry.

(cesky, pictures)
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