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    SubjectRe: NAK new drivers without proper power management?
    On Fri, Feb 09, 2007 at 08:59:55PM -0500, Lee Revell wrote:
    > On 2/9/07, Robert Hancock <> wrote:
    > >I would disagree that it's a peripheral issue, it's pretty core these
    > >days, at least for any hardware that you can stuff in a laptop (though a
    > >fair number of desktops get suspended and resumed these days too).
    > Servers are still the most important Linux market, and don't care
    > about suspend/resume. I would consider implementing suspend./resume
    > for a driver that will only be used in server or HPC class hardware a
    > waste of valuable development resources.

    Please allow me to be offensively blunt for a moment.

    So, the situation seems to be:

    1. The work of the suspend developer who engages the users who put
    effort into making suspend work on their hardware (bless
    their addled little heads) often doesn't meet kernel standards,
    or isn't well enough documented to prove the real *need* for
    the features and/or hacks that have happened to get actual
    users' systems sleeping and running again.

    2. The swsusp maintainer continues in the belief that as long as
    their are no bug reports in kernel bugzilla or crossing the
    (relatively obscure) swsusp mailing lists, it has zarro boogs
    and meanwhile works on the fourth implementation of suspend
    support in as many years. It's in CVS on sourceforge. There's
    no documentation whatsoever.

    3. There's another guy who appears to be doing a lot of work, so I
    shan't leave him out. Like the two developers previously
    mentioned, he seems to be working pretty hard on the whole
    thing. The previously mentioned fourth suspend implementation
    seems to be largely his doing, for good and for ill.

    4. "Everybody" knows suspend doesn't work on Linux without a huge
    amount of tinkering, deep magic, and dead chickens. Only
    Gentoo users seem to bother; everyone else waits for Ubuntu
    12.04 wherein suspend will "just work". The Gentoo users all
    use swsusp2, as it contains the hacks to work around:

    5. All the suspend developers blame the lack of power-management
    support in drivers for the inablility of Linux to properly
    suspend on anything that doesn't support APM.

    6. Getting proper power-management support in Linux device drivers
    is not a priority; drivers without any power management support
    whatsoever should not only be accepted -- they should be merged
    without comment or complaint.

    How is working suspend support ever supposed to happen?

    Joseph Fannin ||

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