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    SubjectRe: [RFC 13/13] Char: nozomi, cleanup read and write
    On Samstag 10 November 2007 00:51:33, you (Jiri Slaby) wrote:
    > nozomi, cleanup read and write
    > - remove macros testing for endianness, le*_to_cpu and complements will do
    > it
    > - pointers cleanup (no need to have different pointers for be and le)
    > - put unlikely into reading/writing while loop, because it will proceed
    > through this case only on last two bytes
    > - also fix typos in write, le16_to_cpu instead of cpu_to_le16 for 2-byte
    > writes

    Even though this looks much better it does not work :-(
    With this patch applied the card goes "crazy". *sigh* I wish
    i had more time today to look into this, but it probably
    has to wait until next week on my side, sorry.
    But i'll definitly have a close look into this.

    Thanks so much for all this,

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