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SubjectRe: [RFC 9/13] Char: nozomi, lock cleanup
On Samstag 10 November 2007 00:48:52, you (Jiri Slaby) wrote:
> nozomi, lock cleanup
> - semaphore is deprecated, use mutex instead
> - don't return -ERESTARTSYS when signal might not be pending since it's not
> permitted (unknown retval mioght reach userspace)
> - don't lock interruptible in close or the card might not be stopped on last
> close

Good catches. But i had to change it a bit, especially the mutex_trylock.
From mutex.c: " is negated to the down_trylock() return values!
Be careful about this when converting semaphores to mutexes." ;-)
Now it works again (doesn't deadlock my card anymore).

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