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SubjectRe: [RFC 5/13] Char: nozomi, ioctls cleanup
On Samstag 10 November 2007 00:46:11, you (Jiri Slaby) wrote:
> nozomi, ioctls cleanup
> - init tty_wait
> - don't forget to wake up tiocmiwait waiters
> - convert the whole tiocmiwait into wait_event_interruptible
> - don't check for cmd == TIOCGICOUNT in ntty_ioctl_tiocgicount, as it's
> expected to be it when we call the function, also pass internal
> structures (port, argp) directly instead of ioctl params
> - remove TIOCMGET, TIOCMSET, TIOCMBIC, TIOCMBIS as it is never invoked by
> tty layer this way, add ntty_tiocmget into tty ops instead

Sadfully my knowledge of the tty layer is still too low to comment anything
usefull, but all sound and looks reasonable to me.
And i did a special testrun after this patch and couldn't see any problems.

So, applied without change.


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