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SubjectRe: Doubt about scheduler
Peter Williams escribió:

> SuSE patched their 2.6.5 kernel to make the run queues visible in a
> header file. Perhaps Raul was using a SuSE version of 2.6.5.

Exact!!!! . To be honest, I have the 2.6.12 version to debian, but my
project tutor has this one. And when I argued about my project and I
told him that those fields weren´t accesible, he sent me his sched.h,
and I saw that runqueue and prio_array were accesible in it. I didn´t
think that it was a SUSE patch . Sorry, it's my fault

I have made a litte cheat to be able to see prio_array fields, I have
created a new struct and later with the "array" field of "task_struct" I
have made a cast to my struct. Then I have been able to show these
values, but I don't like this "solution", because I can´t know anything
of tasks in another state ("active" or "expired"), neither which is my
state!! For this reason I would like to know how to get this
information, my project have to be done in June 30 :(.

Thank you very much again for your help, I´m getting a lot of
information about the kernel that I'll be able to use in my report, of
course if you agree.

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