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SubjectRe: Doubt about scheduler
Nick Piggin wrote:
> Raúl Baena wrote:
>> Thank you very much Jon. But I think I haven´t explained very well.
>> I know that now the prio_array and runqueues structs aren´t accesible
>> for modules, but in the 2.6.5 version they were. I would like to know
>> the reason, why before they were accesible and now they don´t? If you
>> could answer me, it would be great.
> I don't remember them being available in 2.6.5... but as to why they
> aren't available now: it is much cleaner this way. It even benefits
> you because now nobody will break your module when they change the
> data structure.

SuSE patched their 2.6.5 kernel to make the run queues visible in a
header file. Perhaps Raul was using a SuSE version of 2.6.5.

>> I could to write the reason in my university job. (In Spain we have to
>> make a final degree job, and mine is about modules in linux (I chose
>> this), I would like to show information of the new scheduler, a
>> scheduler monitor, and these fields are indispensable for me)
> If your task is about modules in Linux, then I don't see how that
> involves the scheduler at all?
> On the other hand, if you want a scheduler monitor then I can't see
> why it would be appropriate to implement as a module (we have schedstats,
> which you can read from a userspace program or daemon).
> Nick

Peter Williams

"Learning, n. The kind of ignorance distinguishing the studious."
-- Ambrose Bierce
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