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SubjectRe: Doubt about scheduler
On 3/5/06, Raúl Baena <> wrote:

> I thought that to make the module about the new O(k) scheduler would be
> a good idea. I think that it´s not enough for me schedstats, because I
> want to make a visual scheduler, I mean, using GTK+ , a module and
> something else to make a visual scheduler monitor, how the tasks move
> between "active" and "expired", where the task are in prio_array with
> the bitmap fields...this module isn´t usefull, only in a didactic way.

If you're seriously interested in this then cool. Let me know how you get on.

I looked at hacking something into gtop etc. previously to use
/proc/kcore and pull out task information - I'd certainly like to see
a visual process monitor that could pull all of this stuff out and
display it for educational interest (page tables, vmas, other
resources). But then, it's probably been done - I didn't look to see
what else is out there.

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