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SubjectRe: [llh-announce] [ANNOUNCE] linux-libc-headers dead
> LLH hasn't seen a new release for a lot more than six months now and up until
> today I hoped to get back on track with new releases. But I've just spent
> some time doing a 2.6.14 update, and it came back to me, that I'd have to
> spend up to 10 hours just to get a basic ready. And there'd still be
> 2.6.15 waiting, 2.6.16 just around the corner plus sorting through all the
> bug reports that came in during those months and all the internal rearranging
> I either had planned or that's being forced by new kernel releases (eg.
> addition of asm-powerpc).
> I stopped having both the time and the will for such commitments a couple of
> months ago.
> Should anyone want to take over, I'd be happy to give hints, pointers, and
> whatnot. Just don't get overexcited -- diffs between new kernel versions get
> bigger, not smaller, and after a couple of years there's still no long term
> solution in sight.

I'm interested, more so to be part of a team which as a group is
responsible for linux-libc-headers. This way if one or two persons
don't have much time available, the others can share the load.

If there is no-one else willing to maintain linux-libc-headers, I'll be
more than happy to take it over and try get more developers interested.

Kind Regards

Nigel Kukard, PhD CompSc

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