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SubjectRe: Linux drivers management
>>>>> "David" == David Chow <> writes:

David> Dear maintainers, Is there any work in Linux undergoing to
David> separate Linux drivers and the the main kernel, and manage
David> drivers using a package management system that only manages
David> kernel drivers and modules? If this can be done, the kernel
David> maintenance can be simple, and will end-up with a more stable
David> (less frequent changed) kernel API for drivers, also make every
David> developers of drivers happy.

David> Would like to see that happens .

Simple answer: no

Maybe someone is working on it, but it's highly unlikely to be
anything but a waste of that person's time.

This is a classic question, by seperating out the drivers you make it
so much harder for all developers to propagate changes into all pieces
of the tree.

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