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    SubjectRe: Linux drivers management

    You got my vote..... I make simple hardware to improve availability
    of operational systems and i just
    can't go to build a native driver because i could not find a kit that
    works.... now i use a perl script to
    acomplish this mission... it works greate but is not beaulty as i like
    it to be.... Time is money.....

    Pedro Alves

    David Chow wrote:

    >> David> separate Linux drivers and the the main kernel, and manage
    >> David> drivers using a package management system that only manages
    >> David> kernel drivers and modules? If this can be done, the kernel
    >> David> maintenance can be simple, and will end-up with a more stable
    >> David> (less frequent changed) kernel API for drivers, also make every
    >> David> developers of drivers happy.
    >> David> Would like to see that happens .
    >> Simple answer: no
    >> Maybe someone is working on it, but it's highly unlikely to be
    >> anything but a waste of that person's time.
    >> This is a classic question, by seperating out the drivers you make it
    >> so much harder for all developers to propagate changes into all pieces
    >> of the tree.
    > I write drivers, never need to change kernel if the kernel API is
    > mature enough to provide the need of a module developer needs. There
    > is no reason to make changes to the kernel source, only needed because
    > the original kernel code is crap or the API designed without proper
    > software/system architectural design work effort. Each Linux kernel
    > version go through a lengthy beta release cycle (e.g. 2.3, 2.5, 2.7),
    > this shouldn't happen and idea collection should be enough through
    > this large Linux community.
    > If our time is to focus on kernel's kernel, writing good documentation
    > about a stable kernel API, it will benefit many developers to write
    > drivers to Linux . It is too difficult to learn, this is a main reason
    > why Linux is lack of support from manufacturer drivers, not because
    > they don't like Linux and no market, it is because this has created
    > high entry barrier for them.
    > I've been working on Linux modules for many years, training my
    > engineers, talking to developers, hw manufacturers .. believe it or
    > not, this is the main reason. They all ask for a DDK for Linux that
    > can make drivers easily for their product.
    > I think I am in a different position like you guys, I've been work
    > with Linux from programmer level to Linux promotion . My goal is not
    > just focus on Linux technical or programming, I would like to promote
    > this operating system to not just for programmers, but also
    > non-technical end-users . Writing C code to me is just bits of task of
    > some process. You are too much focus on programming without
    > considering the market situation.
    > There is no right or wrong for this question, but my original question
    > is to listen thoughts and to hear the goal of people in the list. And
    > of course, I would really like to see you people look into the way to
    > facilitate more people gets a path with ease to Linux drivers
    > development. User driver installation without the need to know about
    > kernel sources, gcc, make etc.... "Because I am a dummy, I want to
    > plug-in my device, put in the driver disc and hope it works!"
    > regards,
    > David Chow
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