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    SubjectRe: Linux drivers management

    >David> separate Linux drivers and the the main kernel, and manage
    >David> drivers using a package management system that only manages
    >David> kernel drivers and modules? If this can be done, the kernel
    >David> maintenance can be simple, and will end-up with a more stable
    >David> (less frequent changed) kernel API for drivers, also make every
    >David> developers of drivers happy.
    >David> Would like to see that happens .
    >Simple answer: no
    >Maybe someone is working on it, but it's highly unlikely to be
    >anything but a waste of that person's time.
    >This is a classic question, by seperating out the drivers you make it
    >so much harder for all developers to propagate changes into all pieces
    >of the tree.
    I write drivers, never need to change kernel if the kernel API is mature
    enough to provide the need of a module developer needs. There is no
    reason to make changes to the kernel source, only needed because the
    original kernel code is crap or the API designed without proper
    software/system architectural design work effort. Each Linux kernel
    version go through a lengthy beta release cycle (e.g. 2.3, 2.5, 2.7),
    this shouldn't happen and idea collection should be enough through this
    large Linux community.

    If our time is to focus on kernel's kernel, writing good documentation
    about a stable kernel API, it will benefit many developers to write
    drivers to Linux . It is too difficult to learn, this is a main reason
    why Linux is lack of support from manufacturer drivers, not because they
    don't like Linux and no market, it is because this has created high
    entry barrier for them.

    I've been working on Linux modules for many years, training my
    engineers, talking to developers, hw manufacturers .. believe it or not,
    this is the main reason. They all ask for a DDK for Linux that can make
    drivers easily for their product.

    I think I am in a different position like you guys, I've been work with
    Linux from programmer level to Linux promotion . My goal is not just
    focus on Linux technical or programming, I would like to promote this
    operating system to not just for programmers, but also non-technical
    end-users . Writing C code to me is just bits of task of some process.
    You are too much focus on programming without considering the market

    There is no right or wrong for this question, but my original question
    is to listen thoughts and to hear the goal of people in the list. And of
    course, I would really like to see you people look into the way to
    facilitate more people gets a path with ease to Linux drivers
    development. User driver installation without the need to know about
    kernel sources, gcc, make etc.... "Because I am a dummy, I want to
    plug-in my device, put in the driver disc and hope it works!"

    David Chow
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