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SubjectRe: Unionfs: Stackable namespace unification filesystem
On Mon, Dec 04, 2006 at 07:30:33AM -0500, Josef 'Jeff' Sipek wrote:
> The following patches are in a git repo at:
> git://
> (
> The repository contains the following 35 commits (also available as patches
> in replies to this email).

Wow, I completely forgot to say what changed since the previous posting...

- Added more comments (akpm)
- Cleaned up inode/dentry/file/sb private data structure member names
- Moved struct inode from unionfs_inode_container into unionfs_inode_info
(following ext2's example)
- Renamed {d,i,f,s}topd to UNIONFS_{D,I,F,S} (following almost any fs's
- Removed *_ptr and *_lhs macros, open-coding the assignments (Pekka Enberg)
- Kill wrappers (e.g., unionfs_kill_block_super) (Pekka Enberg)
- Few tiny coding style fixes
- Removed some unnecessary complexity (no need to pass struct file and a
struct dentry for that file to a function - just pass a struct file
and dereference in the function, etc.)
- Removed some unnecessary checks (if (foo) kfree(foo); is completely
redundant as kfree has a null check)
- Changed C++-style comments to C-style comments (Pekka Enberg)
- Use struct kmem_cache instead of kmem_cache_t (Pekka Enberg)
- Use anonymous unions for sioq (Jan Engelhardt)
- Moved some functionality into fsstack (most of it is in -mm already)

All in all about 1/8th of the code was touched in one way or another.

Josef "Jeff" Sipek.
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