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SubjectUnionfs: Stackable namespace unification filesystem
The following patches are in a git repo at:



The repository contains the following 35 commits (also available as patches
in replies to this email).

Commits 1..9 (already in -mm):
These patches are already in Andrew Morton's -mm tree.

fsstack: Introduce fsstack_copy_{attr,inode}_*
fsstack: Remove unneeded wrapper
eCryptfs: Use fsstack's generic copy inode attr functions
fsstack: Fix up eCryptfs compilation
struct path: Rename Reiserfs's struct path
struct path: Rename DM's struct path
struct path: Move struct path from fs/namei.c into include/linux
struct path: make eCryptfs a user of struct path
fs/stack.c should #include <linux/fs_stack.h>

Commits 10..11 (additional fixes to the above)
These patches are not yet in -mm, and they fix two things the above
patches missed.

fsstack: Make fsstack_copy_attr_all copy inode size
fsstack: Fix up ecryptfs's fsstack usage

Commits 12..35 (Unionfs):
These patches make up stripped down version of Unionfs. They depend
on fsstack (see above patches).

Unionfs: Documentation
lookup_one_len_nd - lookup_one_len with nameidata argument
Unionfs: Branch management functionality
Unionfs: Common file operations
Unionfs: Copyup Functionality
Unionfs: Dentry operations
Unionfs: File operations
Unionfs: Directory file operations
Unionfs: Directory manipulation helper functions
Unionfs: Inode operations
Unionfs: Lookup helper functions
Unionfs: Main module functions
Unionfs: Readdir state
Unionfs: Rename
Unionfs: Privileged operations workqueue
Unionfs: Handling of stale inodes
Unionfs: Miscellaneous helper functions
Unionfs: Superblock operations
Unionfs: Helper macros/inlines
Unionfs: Internal include file
Unionfs: Include file
Unionfs: Unlink
Unionfs: Kconfig and Makefile
Unionfs: Extended Attributes support

As always, comments are welcomed.


Josef "Jeff" Sipek.
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