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SubjectRe: Tyan Opteron boards and problems with parallel ports
YhLu>>> Don't always blame BIOS, if you like you could
YhLu>>> use LinuxBIOS instead...

PJS>> Just curious, but why isn't this project (LinuxBIOS)
PJS>> mentioned on the Tyan web site, or is it and I
PJS>> just missed it?
PJS>> You do work for Tyan, right?

BD = Bill Davidsen
BD> What has that to do with anything? I doubt that suggestions
BD> about boot options are on the website or come from the
BD> Tyan website, either.
BD> Note: I'm not endorsing LinuxBIOS for Opteron, I haven't
BD> personally tried it. But the value of the suggestion depends
BD> on how it works, not who makes it. There appear to be a
BD> lot of reports of problems with Opteron lately, if the BIOS
BD> isn't buggy then the documentation may have lost in
BD> translation.

I have been having the "memory.c bad pmds" with a Tyan S2885

When Yhlu brought up the topic of LinuxBIOS, I thought he might be
suggesting that this would prove there are no problems with the BIOS
(i.e. the same problems would occur with LinuxBIOS as with the
motherboards built-in BIOS). Looking at the LinuxBIOS web site, I got
the impression (I may be wrong) that this was a Tyan supported effort.
If that was the case I was wondering why Tyan didn't mention LinuxBIOS
on their web site. It would make me more comfortable if this were a Tyan
supported effort. That's why I asked the question.

I'm just trying anything I can to get rid of the bad pmd messages.


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