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SubjectRe: Tyan Opteron boards and problems with parallel ports (badpmd)
Just read the other existing thread linked. Is everyone running the same
model opteron on these Tyan boards (246)? To update even further.
Besides the parallel port problem I've sent back about 5 of these tyan
motherboards. A couple of then simply didn't have the gigabit network
adapters available via bios. In some cases linux loaded the drivers for
the adapters regardless of their setting in BIOS. In other cases they
simply were not available.

Also, are the processes you run swapping out/in memory repeatedly? Or
using a large amount of threading? Thread pools? I'm trying to get rid
of this problem myself. I've seen it extensively in and not as
much in but I haven't tested lately past .8

-Christopher Warner

On Thu, 2005-05-26 at 13:40 -0700, Peter J. Stieber wrote:
> YhLu>>> Don't always blame BIOS, if you like you could
> YhLu>>> use LinuxBIOS instead...
> PJS>> Just curious, but why isn't this project (LinuxBIOS)
> PJS>> mentioned on the Tyan web site, or is it and I
> PJS>> just missed it?
> PJS>>
> PJS>> You do work for Tyan, right?
> BD = Bill Davidsen
> BD> What has that to do with anything? I doubt that suggestions
> BD> about boot options are on the website or come from the
> BD> Tyan website, either.
> BD>
> BD> Note: I'm not endorsing LinuxBIOS for Opteron, I haven't
> BD> personally tried it. But the value of the suggestion depends
> BD> on how it works, not who makes it. There appear to be a
> BD> lot of reports of problems with Opteron lately, if the BIOS
> BD> isn't buggy then the documentation may have lost in
> BD> translation.
> I have been having the "memory.c bad pmds" with a Tyan S2885
> motherboard.
> When Yhlu brought up the topic of LinuxBIOS, I thought he might be
> suggesting that this would prove there are no problems with the BIOS
> (i.e. the same problems would occur with LinuxBIOS as with the
> motherboards built-in BIOS). Looking at the LinuxBIOS web site, I got
> the impression (I may be wrong) that this was a Tyan supported effort.
> If that was the case I was wondering why Tyan didn't mention LinuxBIOS
> on their web site. It would make me more comfortable if this were a Tyan
> supported effort. That's why I asked the question.
> I'm just trying anything I can to get rid of the bad pmd messages.
> Pete
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