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SubjectRe: Linux in a binary world... a doomsday scenario

> >Every time we buy a piece of hardware with binary only drivers we admit
> >that the binary only driver vendors are doing the right choice for their
> >stockholders. Only when we refuse to buy it, we can make a slight
> >difference.
> >When we don't buy hardware without open source drivers, we send the
> >message to the shareholders that the management is causing them a loss.
> The problem with this statement is that Linux users are a drop in the
> bucket of sales for this hardware. Boycotting doesn't cost the vendors
> enough to make them care. And this does nothing for people who are

Actually, yes it does cost them. If you refuse to buy $2000 notebook,
because its 3D graphics card ($100) is not supported properly... well
notebook vendor is going to put pressure on graphics card vendor.

And you don't have to be Linux user to refuse closed hardware. Having
option in future is always good.x

Thanks, Sharp!
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