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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] Re: OHCI problems with suspend/resume

> > The pm_*() is how a handful of sound drivers and other random
> > stuff register themselves -- and how PCI does it.
> >
> > I'd sure have expected PCI to only use the driver model stuff,
> > and I'll hope all those users will all be phased out by the
> > time that 2.6 gets near the end of its test cycle.
> PCI is broken since it does both (and thus, if we call both rounds
> of notifiers, we end up suspending PCI twice, the second time without
> any ordering constraints). In my trees, I comment out that "legacy"
> stuff (though I also don't call the old-style pm_* stuff anymore
> neither)

Can you mail me a patch? [Where does PCI do its "second round"? From a
quick look I did not see that.]

When do you have a heart between your knees?
[Johanka's followup: and *two* hearts?]
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