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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] Re: OHCI problems with suspend/resume
Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> You should look at Patrick Mochel's stuff that shall be getting in
> the official tree this month hopefully. It does that (among others)

OK, thanks for the update. It was puzzling to see this stuff
in such a state ... I've got a few patches for USB PM that are
worth putting back in advance of that, but it seems like real
testing will need to wait until "next month". (Tomorrow!)

> The USB "device" drivers shall just rely on the Device Model
> infrastructure to have their suspend/resume callbacks be called at the
> appropriate time.

Yes, that's no problem. It looks like:

static int my_suspend(struct device *_intf, u32 state, u32 level)
struct usb_interface *intf;
int retval = 0;

intf = to_usb_interface(_intf);
switch (level) {
... cases are yet to stabilize ...
return retval;

... similar for resume()

static struct usb_driver my_driver {
.owner = THIS_MODULE,
.name = "MyFirstDriver",
.probe = my_probe,
.disconnect = my_disconnect,
.id_table = my_id_table,
.driver = {
.suspend = my_suspend,
.resume = my_resume,

But until the suspend()/resume() callback API stabilizes, it's
mostly useful to know that it'll be exactly that simple, and
that usbcore doesn't get in the way.

I suspect that USB should do some non-global PM stuff too.
Hub ports can be suspended when the devices connected to them
are idle for long enough ... that's not something I'd expect
system-wide PM policies to address.

- Dave

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