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SubjectRe: [PATCH] s390 (7/13): gcc 3.3 adaptions.

On Mon, 24 Feb 2003, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> |>
> |> Gcc used to complain about things like that, which is a FUCKING DISASTER.
> How can you distinguish that from other occurrences of (int)<(size_t)?

Which is indeed my point. If you cannot distinguish it from incorrect
uses, you shouldn't be warnign the user, because the compiler obviously
doesn't know enough to make a sufficiently educated guess.

That said, a good compiler _can_ make a good warning. But to do so, you
have to actually do value analysis, instead of just blindly warning about
code that is obviously correct to a human.

Until gcc does sufficient value analysis, that signed warning is annoying,
worthless and a damn pain in the ass.


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