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SubjectRe: Synchronous signal delivery..
On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, James Antill wrote:

> > I would personally like it a lot to have timer events available on
> > pollable fds. Am I alone in this ?
> Think of "timer events" as a single TCP connection, so you have...
> time X: empty
> time X+Y: timed event "Arrives"
> time X+Z: timed event "Arrives"
> which point it's pretty obvious that if you "poll" the timer
> event queue from anytime before X+Y it'll be empty, and anytime after
> X+Y it'll be "full". There isn't any point in being able to distinguish
> between the events X+Y and X+Z, you only need to know a timed event has
> occurred so you should process all timed events that are needed.
> At which point you just need to work out the difference between X and
> X+Y, and pass that to poll/sigtimedwait/etc.

I'm sorry, I'm a bit confused. What's the point here ?

- Davide

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