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    Subject2.6.0-test9 : bridge freezes

    I am one of the system administrators who manage a campus network of 5000 users
    that is connected to Internet. We have placed a Linux bridge to isolate the
    Internet from the campus. To nullify network flooding effect, we have used
    iptables. The kernel is 2.6.0-test9, the ethernet cards that are used are

    The problem is : After 3 to 4 hours of functioning, the bridge stops working
    and the machine becomes unusable where it doesn't respond to keyboard, and
    there is no video display. In simple terms it freezes. Before going in for
    2.6.0-test9 I have tried 2.4.20 with bridge patches for iptables support. It
    worked reliably except that I cannot even login from the console because
    I don't get the shell prompt after a while.

    Presently I have gone back to 2.4.20 for the sake of robustness. Can someone
    let me know what I can do to use 2.6.x kernel with a good amount of confidence
    so that I can keep the campus users happy ? I am making guess work as
    to whether the problem is with the network drivers, or some power management
    issues, and so on.

    Any inputs from you will be really useful. I am eager to try out any amount
    of debugging, the thing is I don't know what to look for.

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