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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test9 : bridge freezes

To begin with, thanks a lot for the concern you all have shown to address my

This morning I have put in test9-bk25 image to see if the problem disappears.
The result should be out in the next few hours. I hope it is OK if I send you
the slabinfo in case the problem persists.

I plan to test in stages.

i) Just bridging, no iptables
ii) With iptables.

I have very limited set of iptables rules. In fact it is as simple as blocking
icmp. There are no errors reported by ethernet devices.


PS : The latest test10 stops at the booting stage while initialising my aic7xxx
scsi. So, I had to use bk25.
> Linus is right, this is probably a memory leak issue. There are several areas
> that could be the problem:
> - core networking
> - iptables
> - iptables filter
> - ethernet bridging
> - ethernet driver (rtl8169)
> To find/fix the problem, we need to narrow down the scope.
> Things that would help are, what are the iptables rules you are using?
> Are there any errors showing up on the ethernet devices?
> Also what does the bridge forwarding table look like? are there lots of entries, are
> you running spanning tree?

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