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SubjectRe: any chance of 2.6.0-test*?
On 13.01.03 01:21 Rob Wilkens wrote:
> I didn't have a lesson about multiple return paths.. I actually before
> posting checked out the coding style document..
> :/usr/src/linux-2.5.56/Documentation# grep -i return CodingStyle
> Returned nothing.. There was no mention of using return in the middle
> or end of a function in the coding style document, though perhaps there
> should be.

You dont realistically expect to learn how to program reading
Documentation/CodingStyle, do you? CodingStyle merely serves as general
guidelines of what is considered good practice among kernel development,
no more no less. If you dont know how to code in the first place (which
you have proved spectacularly, by now), you're SOL.

Go educate yourself and stop trolling. Somewhere, along the bucketloads
of vomit you insisted in throwing here, you asked who were the other
top-rank trolls -- sincerely, and as far as I can remember, you're ahead
by a fair margin. Not even with his delireous
"single user linux" crap came anywhere near you, although he was, too,
very resistant to being clued in.

See things from this end -- when 99% of the people tell you you're wrong,
consider the possibility you are _actually_ wrong, and not the other way

Now, off to ~/.killfile you go.


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