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SubjectRe: any chance of 2.6.0-test*?
>99% of the people are running a microsoft based OS (It has 95% of the
>market in terms of sales, but factor in pirated copies and your figure
>will get close), of the 0.5% running linux, 0.025% of them are probably
>subscribed to this mailing list. Of that, probably 5% read it
>regularly. Now, of those 5% (of 0.25% of 0.5%), I'm probably getting
>5-10 people reacting negatively (the rest are neutral reactions or no
>reactions), and claiming to speak (in a rather -- shall we say --
>arrogant and self-important manor) for the list as a whole.
No Rob, most people don't bother responding because they read the FAQ
for the list and they realize that this is waste of bandwidth of a lot
of people that are important to Linux. You're wasting their times and
this is why this should stop NOW.

You're soo arrogant you don't want to see how much YOU'RE wrong ?
See, I'm a computer geek that started at 11, that learned everything
from the practical viewpoint (first assembly then Basic then structured
language) and even going through structured programming classes 7 years
latter they still managed to get brainwashed to the point that just now
I realize that goto's are really a good thing, and that it should be
used as standard practice (college has been 10+ years ago). So open your
mind to the fact that you were brainwashed, and the fact that they
brainwash so many people that aren't smart enough to question them, that
everything is taken at face value.

And Linux is not a hobbist thing anymore. From the point a lot of people
trust their businesses to Linux like I do everyday (I'm MIS with about
12 Penguins, with about 30 more Microshits to be converted to Penguins),
then you should respect people here. Me and I'm sure a lot others read
this list daily, and they don't want to spend their time on this thread.
I apreciate very much the work of everybody here, considering that they
could probably make a hell of a lot more money through other ways, but
they decided to go the open source way, and the whole world's society is
benefiting from their work, instead of mostly benefiting big, greedy
companies like microshit.

By the way, you're not being paid my Microshit or other companies that
have a lot to benefit from stalling Linux development to troll this
list, aren't you ?

Marcelo Pacheco

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