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SubjectRe: ide drive dying?

On Sun, 8 Sep 2002 wrote:
> I have *never* lost data to a Maxtor disk. I have had IBM, Fujitsu,
> Western Digital, and DEC drives all fail on me before.

I can't confirm that. Yes, IBM failed, Fujitsu is often IBM, DEC isn't any
better either. But Western... I'm still having some quite old Western
drives, aged several years, a lot more than they guaranteed. They still
run our old database, and are used in some workstations. Some of them
touched ground more than once, and are still running like the cursed. No
need for an end. Then there are these ST-157A, stable as rocks, still
running here. You can even crash them on up to 60G's, if not more!!! That
is, they can stand falling down very well.

In the while, there were two to three broken Maxtor disks. Their spindles
broke after two years, so the data was physically moved upwards. We've
returned them and got another disk in return, no problem.

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